100% Working Club Penguin Rewritten Codes (3M+ Online Coins)

Club Penguin rewritten is the successor of the famous multiplayer online game club penguin. It contained games and activities online. Club Penguin was launched on 24 October 2005, there were 250 million+ members registered with this game. The game was later discontinued on 30 March 2017.

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Basically structured for the age group of 6 to 14 years (however, papaya people of any age group can play this game). Later on 30 January 2017, New Horizon Interactive (now known as Disney Canada Inc.) announced the discontinuation of this game on 29 March 2017.on March 30, 2017, at 12:01 AM, the servers of this game. you can get upsers.com login from here.

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes 100% Working   

Later on, club Penguin gets succeeded by Club Penguin Island. The number of private servers recreated Club Penguin with the help of SWF files. The most popular private servers recreated by Club Penguin are CPPS.me and Club Penguin Rewritten.  Here we are discussing Club Penguin Rewritten.

Club Penguin Coin Generator    

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

Following Club Penguin Rewritten Codes Available. We are daily collecting Working Codes CP Written 2019. Keep Visit this website.

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Club Penguin Codes 2019 April

          Club Penguin Secrets               

 Club Penguin Island Official   

CP CodesUnlock'sITEM Add DateExpired Date
FREEHOODUK HoodieFREEHOOD UK HoodieMarch 2017Available Now
HIDDENPUFFLEPuffle WhistlePuffle Whistle Promo Code CP WrittenMarch 2017Available Now
FREEHOOD2Green Crosshatched HoodieGreen Crosshatched Hoodie Club Penguin RewrittenMarch 2017Available Now
ANNIVERSARY22nd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt12th Feb 201913th Feb 2019
XMASDAY18Candycane ScarfDecember 24, 20183rd January 2019
CARDFIREFive Card-Jitsu Cards6th December 2018December 24 2018
HALLOWEEN18Green Spider Costume31st October 201824th December 2018
ORANGEPODSOrange Earpods20th June 201914th June 2019

Limited Use Card-Jitsu Codes

r3vUeNjR 1003rd June 2018
uYd4sH1E2504th June 2018
KsSHkJys2505th June 2018
jpNgtqVK 4006th June 2018
xZpeHfPA4007th June 2018
xCwfbngH4008th June 2018
gmKyntGW5009th June 2018
jfH5gxtQJ5023rd September 2018
YD5grZwjF5023rd September 2018
pq9NBp7fn5023rd September 2018
dCtc8jdDU5023rd September 2018
8SUMzynD35023rd September 2018

Club Penguin Rewritten Description:

Web Browser - Shockwave Flash (Adobe Flash)
DeveloperClub Penguin Rewritten Staff
ESRB ratingN/A
Date releasedFebruary 11, 2017 (Closed Beta)

February 12, 2017

April 26, 2018 (Relaunch)

Club Penguin Rewritten History and User Accounts

CPR is an unofficial recreation of the original club penguin game. The design and style of club Penguin recreation were at same as the original club penguin game had.

Just after 30 days of opening Club Penguin recreation gained more than 10000 registered accounts. It also gained its own Wikipedia. as well as we can know about club penguin cheats and secrets.

Club Penguin Rewritten

According to the statistics on April 2, there were 50,000 registered user accounts on CPR and just after 3 days, more than 10000 user accounts added. Surprisingly on 4th October 2017, there was 10 lakh registered user accounts on club penguin recreation. Later on, Disney filed a complaint against CPR. Due to the legal action was taken by Disney; CPR has to change its domain. club penguin secrets will very helpful for those who are searching for the cheats of club penguin 2019.

Latest Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats   

The game then later continued successfully. But, on 21st February 2018, the CPR produces announced that they are going to shut down the game because of the thread. But later on, it was declared that CPR will continue.

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

Then Later on 4th March 2018 CPR got discontinue and after 1 month it was declared that it will be re-launched, on 26th April 2018 CPR produces officially launched the club penguin rewritten game along with all the accounts intact. As per the latest statistics till 2nd June 2018, there was more than 25 lakh registered user accounts on club penguin rewritten.

Club Penguin Rewritten Game:

While recreating the Club Penguin rewritten game, the producers did not change the basic concept that was decided by Disney. Club Penguin rewritten is very similar to the club penguin.

   Club Penguin Rewritten Mascot Tracker

There are many users who give their reviews after playing Club Penguin rewritten. Many of them stated that they love the game and CPR does not make them feel like they are not playing the original Club Penguin.

club penguin rewritten

Club Penguin rewritten is not only created for fun but also teaches kids social skills. The skills children learn while playing the game also get used in the future. as well as you can club rewritten penguin rewritten promo codes.

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How to Log In and Play Club Penguin Rewritten?

  • First of all log on to the website i.e. cprewritten.net
  • After reaching the homepage, select and hit on “the Play Now” tab available at the right top corner.
  • This tab will navigate you towards a new page asking for your Login credentials
  • If you already a Club Penguin Rewritten User then enter your login credentials and then hit on the login tab
  • Else if you are a new user, then you need to hit on Create a Free Account link available
  • A new page will come out along with some options
  • You need to select and click on the “I agree” options
  • Afterward, hit on Continue tab
  • Now give your penguin a Name. Note it must be unique from others, if any other user has already chosen that name then you will be able to get it for your penguin
  • After choosing the Penguin Name, select Color for your Penguin
  • Hit on Submit and then you will be navigated to a new screen asking you to choose a password
  • Choose a strong password by using Numeric and Alpha keys
  • Thereafter enter your mail address and then hit on Continue tab
  • A screen having a message as “You can now Login” will get displayed
  • Check out your mail account and hit on the Redirecting Link you received
  • Once you complete the process you will see the login page again
  • Now enter your penguin name and your password
  • Hit on the login tab and start
  • Now you will get two options, Show Avalanche and Blizzard
  • Choose the Blizzard option and you are all set
  • A penguin will start appearing on the screen stating about the steps to play the game.

Play Club Penguin   

How to Download Club Penguin Rewritten for Android?

If you want to download the Club Penguin Rewritten on your Android device then it is very easy. All you need to do is visit the play store and then search for Club Penguin Rewritten.

Hit on the game icon and then choose the Install option. Wait for the game to be installed. Once the installation gets done, open it and then choose the account to sign up and start playing.

Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

change the club Penguin Rewritten Password:

  • If you want to change the password of your Club Penguin rewritten account then, you need to visit the https://create.cprewritten.net/recover_password.php link.
  • Thereafter, an email will be sent to your registered mail account. It Will contain a URL to recover your password please get on the URL and then you will be redirected to a new page asking for a new password.
  • New password and then complete the procedure. new make sure that the email you received has the address ends with @cprewritten.net. If you did not get the same that means the email you received is fake.

Your Club Penguin Rewritten Player Card

To customize your Penguin the first thing you need is your player card. If you want to see your player card then you need to hit on your Penguin. There is another option to view the player card. By choosing the Star icon available at the toolbar you can easily view your player card. Your Club Penguin Rewritten Player card will be very helpful to who is playing the club penguin game.

The player card will let you show all the items. To see all the items you need to scroll to the right side. If you want to view each item according to the category then go to the inventory and hit on the tab available at the bottom. Afterward, you need to select the category. you can know club penguin rewritten codes from here. it will very helpful.

The player card will also let you know about the points spend and the coin balance. The coin balance will be available at the bottom section of the player card. With the help of the player card, you can easily customize your Penguin by choosing colors, flags, backgrounds, collectible pins, clothes, and accessories.

Want to buy items for your Penguin:

If you want to customize your penguin with different items then you need to buy them first. To buy your favorite item you need to spend your virtual coin. First of all, you need to open the catalog.

Thereafter select and hit on the item you want to purchase. At last hit on the yes to buy option once you complete the procedure, your coins will be deducted from your account, and then purchase the item will be added to your inventory.

List of Items available for free in Club Penguin Rewritten:


Body ItemCard-JitsuOn the basis of Card-Jitsu ranking, you can avail the 9 different belts available.
Hand Item NonePlayer whose detail will be published in the newspaper, given the Blue Book. The minimum number of publishing should be 01.
Neck ItemNonePlayer whose name will get published in the newspaper at least 03 times get the Blue Mailbag.
PinCart SurferPlayer gets First (#1) rank in the Cart Surfer leaderboard will get the Cart Surfer Medal Pin
Hand ItemBook RoomThe player who flips the Rockhopper and the Stowaway book’s last page will get this Friendship Bracelet
Body ItemUnlock Items OnlineBy using the code FREEHOOD2, you can unlock the Green Crosshatched Hoodie
Head ItemNoneIf you become a penguin of the week, then you will be awarded Green Viking Helmet
Hand ItemUnlock Items OnlineTo unlock the Laptop, you can sue the code ONLINE SAFETY
Head ItemCave Mine, Ski Village
BackgroundNoneJust after creating the new account, you will receive the New Player Background and New Player Red Ball Cap
Head ItemNoneJust after creating the new account, you will receive the New Player Background and New Player Red Ball Cap
Face ItemCard-JitsuIf you beat Sensei in Card-Jitsu then the Ninja Mask will be yours.
Hand ItemUnlock Items OnlineTo get the Puffle Whistle, you can use the code HIDDENPUFFLE
PinBook RoomIf you flip the last page of the Journal of Captain Rockhopper then the Rockhopper's Key Pin will be yours.
Face ItemGift From DotAfter completing the Veggie Villain, you will get Spy Goggles
Head ItemSki VillageBy passing the Tour Guide quiz, you can get the Tour Guide Hat.
Body ItemUnlock Items OnlineTo get the UK Hoodie, you can use the code:  FREEHOOD

Catalogs are the departments from where you can purchase thanks for your Penguin. The catalog gets updated every month. Buy style clothing for your Penguin with the help of a catalog.

Along with the items shown in front, there are several those hidden. The hidden items you need to use your mouse pointer. The point where your Mouse Pinter changes, you need to hit it to unlock the hidden clothing items.

What are Limited Edition Items in Penguin Catalogue?

Whenever the new catalog gets updated some limited edition items also get released. If your current catalog does not contain the item you see in the previous catalog then that means that item was a limited edition item. In order to be updated about the upcoming changes, you must read the upcoming events in the newspaper regularly. mcdvoice

Features of Club Penguin rewritten:

  • There are outstanding graphics used to recreate the game. The gaming view of the successor of Club Penguin is as same as its original version. While creating the club penguin rewritten, it produces also read and mini-games. How many games are very much similar to the club penguin original minigames.
  • Club Penguin rewritten, will get all the spice and comedy want and experienced in the original club penguin game.
  • There are two additional features also like this game has new parties that were not available in the original.
  • In this game, you meet new penguins that are also a cool feature.
  • The Club Penguin Rewritten acts as a time machine for those who want to go back to their childhood and play Club Penguin again. The club penguin rewritten app is very mathematical.
  • There is a sense of nostalgia in this game.
  • The animations of other characters used in this game and very unique in terms of colors and designs. Despite being a bit unique the sense of the original club penguin game is still there.
  • The personalities of the Penguins are as same as the previous game.
  • To be a member of this game and do not need to pay anything; membership of club penguin rewritten game is absolutely free. Once you complete the sign-up procedure you automatically become a member of this game.
  • After being the member, you can build your own Igloo, purchase puffles, used jackhammers, purchase any stuff from the catalog, and many more including playing characters while playing the game.

Club Penguin Written Website is a Officially Guide of Club Written Guide and Codes. If you Have Any Kind of Doubts Regarding ClubPenguin Rewritten Codes? Just Comment on Below given Comment box.