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By | April 2, 2020

There are trackers for each of the club penguin mascot. Starting from the PH to Dot there is a way to meet the mascots. Each of the new cool rewritten mascot trackers contains the new additions.

  • They have a nice image showing the mascot online or offline. You can have a system which will update if it observes a new mascot.
  • You can get some new tips to meet the mascots.
  • It will show the charts to see the servers which they visit frequently.
  • The charts will show the time when the mascots will visit.
  • The information will be given on the backgrounds.

The mascots

The mascots are Rory and Aunt Arctic who are said to come during the evening. There will also be many mascots arriving so the players are preparing to face them all. The only group which is an exception is the band of penguins. However, their trackers will be uploaded. Club Penguin Rewritten Codes

The mascots are very clear in this area. The trackers will know how much of visits have been missed and will show which are manual. Many of the players will be able to see the mascots that too multiple numbers of mascots this time in the club penguin rewritten mascot tracker. There is a release of the code page too.

The list of Club Penguin Rewritten Mascot  trackers

  • Aunt Arctic Tracker

The Aunt Arctic Tracker will help you to meet the writer on the club penguin rewritten.  This will enable you to get extreme difficulty and you can get her special background. You can track her when you follow the plan. She does not have to be present particularly because there is a special party conducted which is associated with her.

She is known to log into important events and other celebrations. She made an appearance at club penguin’s birthday on 24th of October. She also comes out of the blue causally so keep your eyes peeled. She can be found in the book room and also the coffee shop.

  • Cadence Tracker

Cadence will aid you to meet the DJ on the club penguin rewritten. You can have the hard-difficulty and also get her exclusive background.  She is found sometimes at the music-related events which she prefers. She visited the 1 million player’s celebration and also the celebration of the 1-year anniversary party. She can be found at the dance clubs and night clubs.

  • Dot Tracker

The Dot tracker will assist you in meeting the master of disguise on the club penguin rewritten. You can get hold of the extreme difficulty and also the exclusive background. She has attended the event called the operation blackout and the waddle on the party. She logs on the servers such as weenie and the deep freeze. She has the background called the Giveaway.

  • DJ Maxx Tracker

You can meet this exclusive on the club penguin rewritten to get the extreme difficulty and get a special background. He comes in the unpopular servers such as Zipline and Abominable. He attends parties like the Halloween party. You can search for him in the night clubs, lighthouse and the dance lounges. Club Penguin Cheats

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