Latest Club Penguin Rewritten Pins 2020

By | April 9, 2020

If you already have been registered to Club Penguin Rewritten Pins; you surely be familiar to the thing that what actually these pins are; but if not this article dedicates to you.

Just like general collecting items in other gaming platforms; it is the one that purely meant for Club Penguin Rewritten Pins. The entire gameplay includes a total of 81 pins overall.

a new pin every two or three weeks later being hidden somewhere into the island; that you have to find and collect. Players are free to select a pin from their inventory that usually appears on the top left-hand corner of their player card. Once gone; you will not find them in the game.

Club Penguin Rewritten Pins

S. No. Pins Location
1 Feather Beacon
2 Shamrock Coffee Shop
3 Expedition Key Second Lazer Maze
4 AC 3000 Classified Area
5 Tombstone Mascot Meeting
6 Lucky Coin Ski Hill
7 Crayon Book Room
8 Chocolate Bunny Forest
9 Recycle N/A
10 Pizza Slice Pizza Parlor
11 King’s Crown Boiler  Room
12 Toothbrush Ye Knight’s Quest 2
13 Mermaid Shell Stage
14 EPF Badge EPF Rooftop
15 Starfish Dock
16 Music Note Mine
17 Record Night Club
18 Sun Dance Lounge
19 Water Droplet Mega Whale
20 Frog Beach
21 Jet Pack Ski Village
22 Sleeping Bag Gift Shop
23 Ruby Stage
24 Lollipop Boiler Room
25 Snow Cone Coffee Shop
26 Circus Tent Forest
27 Spider Mine
28 Pumpkin Dock
29 Polar Paw Print Underground Pool
30 Herbert Security Clearance 1 Sector 1
31 Herbert Security Clearance 2 Sector 1
32 Herbert Security Clearance 3 Sector 2
33 Herbert Security Clearance 4 Sector 2
34 Herbert Security Clearance 5 Sector 2
35 First Aid Light House
36 Herbert Security Clearance 6 Herbert HQ
37 Wreath Book Room
38 Coins for Change 2017 Beach, Captain’s Quarters, Plaza, Ski Village, or Town
39 Milk ‘N Cookies Forest
40 Present Ski Lodge
41 Red  Shovel Lodge Attic
42 Taco Dojo
43 Toboggan Forest
44 1st Anniversary Cake Book Room
45 Cupcake Coffee Shop
46 50th Newspaper Boiler  Room
47 Club Penguin Rewrriten Snow Forts
48 Plants Dojo Courtyard
49 O-Berry Pet Shop
50 Brazier Boiler Room
51 Crown of the Dragon King Mountain of Misery
52 Speaker Dance Lounge
53 Top Hat Pizza Parlor
54 Beach Umbrella Lodge Attic
55 Magic Phial Underground
56 Jolly Roger Flag Beacon
57 Shipwreck Beacon Shipwreck Island
58 Gem Ski Village
59 Checkered Flag Underground Pool
60 Football Plaza
61 101 Days of Fun Boiler Room
62 Cotton Candy Forest
63 Milkshake Dance Lounge
64 Bat Pin Cove
65 Bonfire Stadium
66 Fire N/A
67 Hot  Sauce Mine Shack
68 Light House Book Room
69 Dojo Lantern Dojo Courtyard
70 Coins for Change 2018 Beach, Captain’s Quarters, Plaza, Ski Village, or Town
71 Candy Cane Duo Advent Calendar 2018
72 Holly Ski Village
73 Cart Mine
74 Sombrero Gift Shop
75 Lily Dock
76 2nd Anniversary Cake Book Room
77 Anvil Lighthouse
78 Jellyfish Ski Hill
79 Balloon Lodge Attic
80 Ruby Brooch Stage
81 Cardboard Box Beach




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